WJWC Condemns Heinous Murder of Journalist Arabi in Sudan

WJWC Condemns Heinous Murder of Journalist Arabi in Sudan
In mid-January 2024, journalist Ahmed Youssef Arabi faced a tragic demise when assailants, dressed in military uniforms, killed him at his residence in the Abbasiya neighborhood of Omdurman, the capital city of Sudan, Khartoum. Arabi, an employee of the Blue Nile Channel, became the subject of conflicting reports regarding the motive behind his tragic death. Individuals close to him have raised allegations against the Rapid Support Forces, pointing accusatory fingers in their direction.
Women Journalists Without Chains (WJWC) strongly condemns the appalling crime of journalist Ahmed Arabi's murder, demanding a swift and comprehensive investigation leading to the prompt identification, apprehension, and just punishment of the perpetrators in accordance with the law.
In an official statement, the organization expresses profound concern about the systematic and deliberate targeting of journalists with fatal violence by Sudanese parties engaged in the conflict, coupled with the persistent summonses they endure due to their coverage of events.
Women Journalists Without Chains underscores the immediate imperative to expose and hold accountable those responsible for these grave violations, emphasizing the significance of ensuring their prosecution and the imposition of a punitive measure that acts as a potent deterrent.
Released by:
Women Journalists Without Chains
January 27, 2024

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