Alarming Press Freedom Erosion in Yemen in 2023

Alarming Press Freedom Erosion in Yemen in 2023

Yemen- Women Journalists Without Chains has documented 71 cases of egregious violations against Yemeni journalists, encompassing arrests, disappearances, assaults, and trials.

The organization underscores a disconcerting deterioration in media freedoms, attributing it to stringent control exercised by conflicting parties, resulting in closures and the compelled migration of journalists. The annual report highlights a spectrum of violations, ranging from threats and torture to the forcible entry of media institutions. Since 2014, the organization has meticulously recorded 1,657 cases, unveiling a dire situation that includes 51 fatalities and numerous journalists enduring various forms of abuse. Urgently, the organization calls for heightened public awareness and international intervention to safeguard the well-being of Yemeni journalists."


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