Al-Samadi Faces Second Physical Assault Within Months

 Al-Samadi Faces Second Physical Assault Within Months

Journalist Mujali Al-Samadi, the owner of "Voice of Yemen" radio, has once again fallen victim to a brutal assault.A gang of three individuals launched a merciless attack on him right outside his residence in Sana'a.

This distressing incident comes in the wake of a troubling court ruling by the Houthi-controlled Court of Appeal, which overturned a previous judgment that had favored Al-Samadi's radio station.

It is a continuation of the relentless campaign against him, which commenced with the forced closure of his radio station on January 26, 2022, orchestrated by the Ministry of Information under the Houthi militia. To compound the injustice, in August of the same year, assailants forcibly entered the radio station, pillaging and confiscating essential broadcasting equipment and other vital resources.

By the conclusion of the year 2023, the Court of Appeal delivered a verdict overturning the initial favorable ruling issued a year prior. This earlier ruling had mandated the reinstatement of the private "Voice of Yemen" radio station, obligating the Houthi Ministry of Information to rescind its adverse decision withholding the license. Furthermore, the court had directed the ministry to provide the necessary compensation for the period during which the station was forced to cease its operations and ordered the return of its streaming device.

The organization “Women Journalists Without Chains” strongly denounces the cowardly assault on journalist Mujali Al-Samadi and stresses the immediate need for thorough protection of journalists in the course of their work, as the repeated attacks by the Houthi militia on journalists blatantly disregard both national laws and international agreements, making these acts unquestionably criminal and emphasizing the essentiality of holding those responsible accountable to discourage any sense of impunity.

Women Journalists Without Chains urges an immediate and transparent inquiry into the incident, demanding the prompt arrest and trial of the individuals responsible for the crime. The organization places full accountability on the Houthi militia for ensuring the safety of journalist Al-Samadi's life. The organization also declares its steadfast solidarity with journalist Mujali Al-Samadi and appeals to all human rights and civil organizations to denounce the persistent violations he and his Radio station have endured in recent years.

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Women Journalists Without Chains

January 6, 2024

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