About Us

"Who We Are"
Women Journalists Without Chains (WJWC) stands as an independent nonprofit organization operating at a regional level, with a dedicated focus on advancing press freedom in the dynamic landscapes of the Middle East and North Africa. Our fundamental mission is to champion the cause of journalists, ensuring they can fulfill their vital roles without fear, while simultaneously safeguarding the universal right of every individual to access credible information and facts. We are committed to empowering citizens, enabling them to exercise their fundamental rights in shaping opinions and making informed decisions.

Principles and Advocacy
At WJWC, we're all about supporting free, diverse media and making sure everyone has the right to knowledge. We stand up against policies that go against equality and human dignity. Founded back in 2005 by Tawakkol Karman, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, in Yemen, we've grown to 21 countries by 2023. And yes, we've got the backs of journalists, whether they're women or men, facing challenges in their important work.

Scope of Work
Women Journalists Without Chains operates through several specialized units, each dedicated to advancing rights and freedoms in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Rights & Freedoms Unit diligently monitors and reports human rights violations to the United Nations bodies. Additionally, this unit strives to raise awareness about the state of rights and freedoms in the Middle East and North Africa region, accomplishing these objectives by issuing solidarity statements, preparing comprehensive reports, actively participating in relevant international events and observances, providing advice to international bodies concerned with human rights and freedom of opinion and expression, as well as offering recommendations to countries in the region to ensure freedom of the press and provide a safe environment for the work of male and female journalists. 

Documentary Films Unit is tasked with creating documentary films that shed light on pertinent legal, political, and social matters. Its activities involve addressing erroneous ideas and cultural practices within the region's communities, particularly those affecting women's freedom and freedom of expression. Furthermore, it endeavors to showcase inspirational experiences from within the region's communities and bring regional issues to the global stage at international film festivals.

Publications & Books Unit concentrates on fostering freedom of opinion and expression by analyzing the religious, literary, political, legal, and philosophical shifts of the era, through its support and financing of book publications. Furthermore, it arranges forums and seminars for writers and authors to cultivate discussion and raise awareness. Notably, this unit is dedicated to amplifying the presence of female authors and writers within communities.

Training & Qualification Unit is responsible for providing essential training and ensuring the safety of journalists in the Middle East and North Africa. Its activities encompass educating journalists about available mechanisms to enhance their safety while covering events in conflict zones. Additionally, the unit provides education and training opportunities for journalists, politicians, activists, and individuals interested in honing media skills across both traditional and new media platforms to effectively communicate their messages, while also bolstering the role played by "citizen journalists" in countries within the region.