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2014 Press Freedom Report in Yemen

Women Journalists without chains reveals, in its annual report for press freedom for 2014, 150 infringements on journalists.

The report said that the infringements varied betweenmurder, hit attack, storming the press institutions, arresting journalists, threatening to murder, hit and forbidden them from their rights and other infringements.

The report said that the committed infringements toward journalists and different media raised after 21 September after Huthies Militias took control over Sana’a the Capital of Yemen and number of governorates.

According to the report, Yemen entered new level after 21st of September represented by suppression of media, press freedom, and punish all opposition that opposite Huthies group that had control over all formal media and suppress all opposite opinions.

The report considered the weakness of government and the presidential system in general helped the armed groups that had control over political and media decisions to more suppress the freedom and rights.

The report showed that Sana’a the capital had the lion portion from infringements, which become 101 infringement cases, 67.33%, divided between murder, storming, threatening, hit, follow up and fire from their employment and arrest, attempt assassination, to attack on journalists’ property.

Aden governorate had 15 infringement cases, which is 10%, Hodeida governorate had 9 infringement cases, which is 6% in which Amran governorate had 7 infringement cases that is 4.67% while Taiz and Lahj are only 4 infringement cases for each that is 2.67% for each.

Aldhalea governorate had 3 infringement cases that is 2%, Albaydha, Dhamar and Ibb had two infringement cases for each, which is 1.33% for each and one case for Hadramout and Shabwa, which is 0.67% for each.


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