Women Journalists Without Chains Urges Jordan for Immediate Release of Sandouqa

Women Journalists Without Chains Urges Jordan for Immediate Release of Sandouqa

Amidst an ongoing trend of curbing freedom of expression within the nation, Ayman Sandouqa found himself apprehended by Jordanian authorities on December 21, 2023.

This incident underscores a concerning trajectory in the realm of civil liberties, which has shown a pronounced deterioration in recent years.

Detained following a Facebook post directed towards the king, Ayman Sandouqa, a prominent figure in both political activism and academia as a mathematics professor, now faces the consequences of voicing criticism regarding Jordan's diplomatic ties with Israel.

Formally charged by the Prosecutor General at the State Security Court, a military exceptional court, Sandouqa faces the offense of "incitement to oppose the political regime," as stipulated under Article 149 of the Penal Code.

Expressing profound condemnation, the Women Journalists Without Chains organization criticizes the Jordanian authorities for their actions, which restrict the already limited space for press freedom in Jordan. Such actions reduce freedom of speech to a mere endorsement of the authorities and their policies.

Urging immediate action, the organization implores the Jordanian authorities to release Sandouqa without delay, dismiss the charges against him, and cease the imposed restrictions on activists and opinion writers, who have been significantly impacted.

Utilizing loosely defined laws, Jordanian authorities prosecute journalists and individuals expressing their opinions, thereby constraining press freedom and impeding journalistic work within the country. These laws encompass cybercrime legislation, the penal code, and anti-terrorism measures. Additionally, authorities resort to arbitrary methods, detaining individuals under the practice commonly referred to as "administrative detention."

Emphasizing the detrimental effects of the Jordanian authorities' manipulation of the judiciary, the organization asserts that such actions undermine the hard-earned progress made by the Jordanian people in terms of freedom of expression, opinion, and political engagement throughout the preceding decades.

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Women Journalists Without Chains
March 27, 2024


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