Press Freedom in Iran: A Long Record of Violations

Press Freedom in Iran: A Long Record of Violations

WJWC is currently releasing a report that discusses the condition of journalism in Iran, which is being considered as the worst period since the country's initial introduction to journalism over 180 years ago.

The "Walls of Shame" report presents a comprehensive analysis of the status of press freedom in the Islamic Republic of Iran, characterized by severe repression and intimidation campaigns against journalists. 

Although information on press violations is limited, the report reveals that over 100 male and female journalists were arrested between September 2022 and May 2023, with at least 33 still detained and nine arrested before protests. 
The report also assesses the legal and judicial environment for independent journalism in the country, where laws are designed to be adversarial towards journalists, both male and female. Despite the challenges, the press and media community continues to resist and maintain a presence, albeit a faint one, amidst a climate of oppression.
The report, spanning 31 pages, sheds light on the Iranian authorities' efforts to stifle independent journalism beyond their national borders. Despite the risks, male and female journalists are pursued by Iranian authorities outside of the country, while Iranians continue to rely on Persian-language satellite TV channels and online newspapers that broadcast from abroad.

 The report engages in an examination of the Iranian authorities' perspective regarding journalism, media, and journalists, with a specific focus on women. It uncovers that the Islamic Republic of Iran is notorious for its severe crackdown on independent journalists, irrespective of gender. 

Additionally, the report reveals that female journalists are systematically targeted based on their reporting and gender, which reflects the authorities' discriminatory views towards women in this repressive nation.

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